Soosai Thottam is Expanding

Madurai – St. Guanella Karunai Illam is a place for the homeless which is currently housing fifteen people who do not have family to support them; some like to roam the streets and highways. We have started a project for the vagrants; half of which is already complete. The whole project will include space for 60 people and at present four rooms, accommodating four persons each, are in use and according to local culture they are very comfortable. The next phase, the dormitory, will house 40 persons. A day care center for differently challenged and intellectually disabled people is currently caring for 30 persons at this House. Some are elderly and some are deserving youth and good children. The local Government is very pleased with our service to the vagrants and the deserted youth. They also asked us to include whoever comes to our home as homeless.

A Solid Foundation

Madurai – The foundation for St. Guanella Karunai Illam, a house for the homeless and mentally ill, was laid on January 31st at Soosaithottam by Provincial Superior, Fr. Soosai Rathinam, and his councilors, Fr. Visuvasam and Fr. Kulandai. Many neighbors who attended the simple celebration expressed their support for this new initiative. It will be a unique effort to show the world that we are united with the vision of the Founder, St. Louis Guanella, in his love for the poor and needy. This house will become a place where the poor can realize that they are loved by God and cared for by Divine Providence. The construction work is moving right along. Pray for a speedy completion of the work.Madurai foundation stone 7 Madurai foundation stone 3 Madurai foundation stone 2 Madurai foundation stone 1