Many Reasons to Celebrate

Cuddalore – On November 13th at St. Joseph’s Evening School, there was a special ‘Triple Celebration:’ Teacher’s Day, Centenary Celebration of our Founder’s Birth into Heaven and Children’s Day. The children, their parents, siblings and relatives gathered at St. Joseph’s Seminary Auditorium. The evening started with games conducted by some young seminarians. A cultural program by the children and seminarians followed. The teachers were honored with gifts and the children motivated with prizes. Fr. Assisi, Rector of the Seminary, thanked everyone and implored the children to attend evening school regularly. The school Director, Fr. Maria Paulraj, told a story and invited the children to be respectful towards teachers, to be grateful to everyone and to grow in discipline and knowledge during his address. He also sought feedback from the parents, who were very happy about the mission with the children. The celebration ended after a delicious meal.


And They Danced…

Cuddalore - Dance SJES 2Cuddalore – On September 27th St. Joseph’s Evening School children completed their quarterly examinations successfully and are now enjoying a short vacation. In keeping with the plan, a dance competition was conducted. There were about 10 groups comprised of 4 or 5 children. They performed their dances synchronized in step, style and dress code. There were some parents present who admired the talents of their children. It was a lovely evening and after all the groups performed, Fr. Maria Paulraj appreciated, encouraged and thanked everyone for their parts in the competition. Once the results were announced, snacks were served before everybody went home.

Singing Competition

cuddalore - singing 3Cuddalore – To encourage the children to develop their talents, St. Joseph’s Evening School is holding weekly competitions in song, dance, speech and writing. The first event was the ‘Solo Song’ competition on August 27th coordinated by Fr. Maria Paulraj, the staff and seminarians. The children were divided into groups, based on their age. They were very enthusiastic in displaying their talents and they sung like choirs of Angels in heaven. The minor seminarians Jerald, Albert Antonyraj and Pandian were the judges and announced the results. The prizes will be distributed at the end of the current Academic Year.

Students Learn to Draw

Cuddalore  – St. Joseph’s Evening school hosted a drawing class for the students from  Oct 1-5th. Mrs. Buvaneshwary was the teacher leading the lessons. Any students interested in drawing participated. She began teaching at the basic level and went to higher levels on color, stroke, and outline. Though it was a short period of time she trained the nearly 40 students as much as possible and the students cooperated well with the master. A few of the seminarians also participated in the classes. Rev. Fr. John Paul Britto, the local supervisor, appreciated all the participation.

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Inauguration of St. Joseph’s Evening School

Children perform at school inauguration

Children perform at school inaugurationCuddalore – On the eve of June 4th the St. Joseph’s Evening School, an education assistance program, was inaugurated for 100 area students who have difficulty studying and doing homework at home. Special care is given to improve the condition of those attending the program. Rev. Peter Sebastian, SdC, Superior of the community, was the Guest of Honor; he instructed the children to work hard beginning at a young age in order to achieve great success in life. The children showcased their talents by performing dances, singing songs and dramatizing school time events.