Celebrating God’s Love

sacred heart_cuddaloreCuddalore -The feast  of the Most Sacred Heart was celebrated in a meaningful way at St. Joseph’s seminary. The brothers prepared themselves by fasting and confession. The whole Guanellian family was present (priest, sisters and lay people) at Mass which was presided over by Fr. Visuvasam, the community superior. “The love of God has no limitation,” was the theme of his homily. “God loved the world so much, that He gave His only son to this world” (1 John). God loves us so much, but it is we who rarely realize the love of God, so we also fail to show true love to others. So, that our Lord Jesus Christ opened His heart which is so full of love and has shown it to this world through his heart. So, we must also realize the love of God towards us and learn to love one another, so that our life will be fruitful to bear the love of God to our neighbor. After the homily, the perpetually professed confreres renewed their vows with devotion before the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue. The feast ended with tea and a time of fellowship.


“It is He Who Called Me”

seminar_cuddaloreCuddalore – A seminar on psycho-spiritual experience was held on June 26th at St. Joseph Seminary. The college brothers happily attended the class which was led by Fr. Antony Samy. He clearly taught that without the call of God, no one can enter the seminary. He said that one who is chosen by God is the one who is possessed by the Spirit of God. At the seminar three important aspects of religious life were revealed:

  • Being with God – through a personal prayer life and true service to God.
  • Being with the community – if we are not united with our confreres, then everything becomes nothing.
  • Being with the poor in mission –giving to the poor what has been received from the hands of God.

A Moment to Reflect

Recollection fathers_cuddaloreCuddalore – The local confreres attended monthly recollection on June 25th at St. Joseph Minor Seminary. Fr. Gregory presented a reflection about the feast days of June, above all the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. He said, “let it be Jesus who lives in you.” United with Jesus we are called to give to the poor His riches and to the rich His poverty. After the presentation it was time for Adoration; during which the confreres contemplated the love of God.