Guanellian Charism School

Cuddalore – The Guanellian Charism School of the Divine Providence Province for 2017 was held at St. Joseph’s Seminary, Samupillai Nagar, April 3–7th. The theme of the year is “Come, Let Us Go to the Roots.” The school was inaugurated with the prayer service conducted by the minor seminarians. Thereafter the purpose and objectives of the Guanellian Study Centre and charism school was narrated and explained. It is mainly to “Know the Founder,” to “Preserve the Guanellian Tradition” and to “Live the Spirit and Charism” in our context today. The major themes that were discussed in the charism school dealt with the death of Don Guanella, Mother Marcellina Bosatta and the DSMP’s, Ven. Aurelio Bacciarini, the successors of Don Guanella and the Guanellian Mission, and the Process of Beatification and Canonization of St. Guanella. On the last day of the Charism school, there was a day of Lenten pilgrimage to our Lady of Lourdes Shrine and leisure program in the amusement park at Villiyanur, Pondicherry.
The Charism School was a memorable one for all the participants of the Province. It was an enriching program for all the young Guanellians to educate themselves deeply with the spirit of our Founder. It enabled every individual to renew and revitalize their Guanellian commitment and consecration. Finally, our thanks to the Provincial Superior and his Council for their efforts at equipping the Province with Guanellian enlightenment.

The Art of Good Communication

Cuddalore – Skillful communication is a gift from God that graces the act of announcing His loving message effectively. To excel in the fluency of communication, the young scholastics from St. Joseph’s seminary created several programs for developing their oratory skills.  This included competition on seminar presentation, extempore, Gospel sharing, essay writing and a mini-parliament on current events. The seminarians were shuffled in different groups, and guided to demonstrate their talents.  In every case, the brothers provided stunning performances resulting in the audience being wonder struck. It was a beautiful moment of learning for all.

Seminary Day

Cuddalore – The Guanellians of St. Joseph’s Seminary were indeed happy to celebrate ‘Seminary Day’ on the solemnity of St. Joseph, March 19th. The Festal Celebration commenced with the Ex-Seminarians Meet animated for all those who discontinued their formation as Guanellian religious.  Next was the St. Guanella Super Singer Competition for all children and youth of the area. In the evening a Procession of St. Joseph, our patron, led to the Solemn Holy Eucharist, which was presided by Fr. Visuwasam, Superior. All the parishioners, religious friends from neighboring communities and parishes, benefactors, GLM members, and all our beneficiaries doubled our joy by their gracious presence.

Passion Play

Cuddalore – The young scholastics from St. Joseph’s Minor Seminary have meticulously produced a light and sound program entitled, ‘Passion of Christ’. Their dedication to the performance was an awesome evangelizing task. After their long spiritual and manual preparation, they were amply graced by the Holy Spirit to bring forth the true sentiments of Calvary. The audience was very moved and sensitized.

Final Vows and Diaconate Ordination

Chennai – The Servants of Charity Congregation was very delighted to receive Perpetual Vows of seven seminarians on the feast of our Lady of Lourdes. Molding and preparing for fifteen years of priestly formation, the confreres with their maturation of discernment and conformity with Christ made their solemn surrender to the Lord of the harvest, to serve and save souls through the Guanellian Order.  Brothers submitted themselves to God in the presence of Fr. Gustavo DeBonis, General Secretary, and Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior. The following day, February 12th, the seven professed brothers were ordained as Deacons by Most Rev. Anthony Samy, Bishop of Kumbakonam.  The congregation and the church thanked God for the gifts of young Servants.

Seminarians Meeting

Cuddalore – The Divine Providence Province held ‘Inter-Seminarians Meet ’17’ for all Guanellian Minor Seminarians from Andhra, Karnataka and Tamilnadu on Feb 9-10th at St. Joseph’s Seminary.  The event was centered on the theme “Guanellian Holiness.” It was an enriching time for the young aspirants to strengthen themselves in Guanellian fraternity and fellowship. The gathering included: orientation program on “Personality Maturation: Spiritual, Human and Charismatic” by Fr. Benson SdC; endowment Seminar on “Modern Challenges in Religious Vocation” by Fr. John Peter SDB; “Guanellian Aspirancy and Vocation Discernment” by Fr. Ronald SdC; “Guanellian Spirituality Guanellian Holiness” by Fr. Assisi SdC. In addition, the students were offered varieties of animations and opportunities for skill development, general knowledge, Guanellian equipment and group entertainment. Today’s saplings, tomorrows fruits. Let us pray for and prepare them for a better understanding of our founder’s vision.

Golden Jubilee

Cuddalore – January 28th was a blessed day for brothers of St. Joseph’s Minor Seminary; because the entire Cuddalore community celebrated the sacerdotal Golden Jubilee of Fr. Joseph Rinaldo, SdC, an exemplary servant of our Province. The day began with solemn Mass followed by a grand cultural event and agape meal. The momentous occasion was significant and inspirational for the Guanellian seminarians at the beginning of their vocational journey. Fr. Joe encouraged the seminarians to persevere, be more faithful, and committed to the call and discernment. He exhorted everyone to be a person of joy and contentment in the religious choice and consecration. The community offered the celebration as a gratuitous gift to God for the gift of Fr. Joe to our congregation and especially for the province.

Harvesting the Fruits of our Labor

Cuddalore – “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for His harvest.” (Lk 10:2). It was with joy the priests and seminarians of St. Joseph’s Seminary offered a fruitful and beneficial harvest out of their hard labor of cultivating the farms with paddy and other vegetables. As our holy founder St. Guanella said, “Pray and Suffer” for a holy way of living. The young seminarians, with due formation and holy ascetic experience through this labor, enthusiastically contributed their energy for the community. This further developed their sense of belonging and family spirit in the congregation. As God blessed the harvest in fruitfulness, He also blessed these servants with greater virtues and values. All praise be to God!

On Holiday with God

Cuddalore – “Our hearts were made for you; they cannot rest until they find rest in You”. – St. Augustine. In order to help the young seminarians to rest for a while with God, the annual retreat for St. Joseph’s Minor Seminary was offered January 13th–16th. The retreat theme was “Holidaying with God in order to cherish the Love of God and nourish the Soul with Holiness.” The preacher was Rev. Fr. Xavier, a well known priest from Pondy-Cuddalore Archdiocese. The preacher meticulously guided the young scholastics on an inner journey with God and to have a richer spiritual experience. It was a blessed moment for all of them to discern and strengthen their vocation. Each day of the retreat ran in sacred silence and meaningful reflection. Finally the seminarians with a meaningful sacrament of reconciliation, solemn Eucharistic celebration and personal resolution ended the annual spiritual exercise.

Happy Birthday, Father!

Cuddalore – Every birthday makes a testimony that God still loves the world and showers his unceasing grace upon it. In return, if the life received from God makes its best on earth through holy living and serving, then it becomes a gratuitous gift to God. Our Holy Founder, St. Louis Guanella, exemplified this and made his life a gift to God through his spiritual vibrancy and selfless service. In view of honoring his holy birth, life and his charitable patrimony, the Guanellian Family of St. Joseph’s Seminary, Don Guanella Boys Home, Sagaya Matha Parish, Divine Providence Convent and Hostel, GLM and all the beneficiaries joined in celebrating the 174th Birthday of St. Guanella, with solemn Mass, cultural programs, gift sharing and a meal. It was a moment of revitalizing the spirit, mission and vision of our Holy Founder. Thanks be to God for the gift of St. Louis Guanella, the Saint of Charity!