Disability is Not Inability

Cuddalore – According to St. Louis Guanella, “Disability is not inability but a different possibility.” The Guanellian fathers, sisters and brothers and GLM from Cuddalore commenced “World Special People Day” on October 23rd at St. Joseph’s Seminary. The theme was “Raise Humanness – Taste Holiness”. The event was facilitated by Dr. P. K. Kumaragurubaran M.M.B.S., D.P.H (Municipal & Port Health Officer, Cuddalore Municipality). More than one-thousand differently-abled people participated in the event. Their presence and their performances were heart-warming. The statement that ran throughout the program was “as ordinary human beings, no one has the right to belittle, underestimate, or reject people who are differently-abled. They are the faces of God, and should be cherished and honored. They provide us with lessons to face our insurmountable pain in life. Make them partners of your happiness and success, and God will come your way.” At the climax of the event the special children were honored with gifts and a meal.


Gather unto HIM

Cuddalore – It was a splendid occasion for all the students from St. Joseph’s Minor Seminary who had a spiritual get-together with the religious aspirants and novices in and around neighboring Pondy-Cuddalore. The day was filled with vocational discernment, orientation session, presentations of the charism of the congregation, question/answer period, group sharing, a quiz, a cultural event and agape meal. The students participated in the program enthusiastically for their holistic formation and discernment. This exposure paved the way for the seminarians to come out of their limited environment to grand exposure to consecrated life. Gathering unto Jesus in one spirit will always make the Mass magnified.

A Holy Beginning

Cuddalore – June 17th was an inspiring day for the Guanellians of St. Joseph’s Seminary. They gathered under one roof to reignite their gifts of the Holy Spirit during the Holy Spirit Inaugural Mass, which was presided over by Fr. S.P. Visuwasam, Superior of Cuddalore Community, in the presence of Rev. Fr. Francis Assisi, the Rector and all other Formators. Fr. Visuvasam invoked the confreres with the three “Hs”, which are hard work, humility and honesty; he also wished that using these three ‘Hs’, that this year will become a triumphal crown to all. With everyone striving to procure excellence in all dimensions of religious formation, facing the challenges and hardships, each one shall become like a seed that grows against all odds. After his speech, he prepared the entire campus for the academic year by blessing each building.

A Moment to Reflect

Recollection fathers_cuddaloreCuddalore – The local confreres attended monthly recollection on June 25th at St. Joseph Minor Seminary. Fr. Gregory presented a reflection about the feast days of June, above all the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. He said, “let it be Jesus who lives in you.” United with Jesus we are called to give to the poor His riches and to the rich His poverty. After the presentation it was time for Adoration; during which the confreres contemplated the love of God.

Independence Day Events

Independance pyramid

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Cuddalore – At St. Joseph’s seminary on August 14th a debate was conducted on the topic of “Is social media a power of construction?  Or a trick for destruction?” Mrs. Jancy, of St. Anne’s school, was the chief guest and judge. The speakers from each side presented marvelous arguments. The debate came to an end with an impartial conclusion that social media is enabling us to move forward and can therefore be considered a power of construction.

On Independence Day (August 15th) in which each and every Indian very proudly celebrated, the St. Joseph’s seminarians and the Don Guanella boys home students celebrated the day glorifying India and remembering the bloodshed of our forefathers. Fr. John Paul Britto and Fr. S.P. Samy were present for the ceremony in which Mr. Kaviyarsan of the forest department hoisted the National Flag and was followed by many traditional and cultural events performed by the seminarians and boys home students.

To build the relationship with the neighbors, St. John’s seminarians, a friendly volleyball match was played on August 17th.

Charity Begets Charity

Computer labCuddalore – The Community witnessed an extraordinary moment of charity when the First Year College going Seminarians of St. Joseph Seminary came forward to offer their laptop computers to the students at Don Guanella Boys Home. Five students were given laptops under a Tamil Nadu Governmental program, and since there has been a well-equipped computer lab at St. Joseph Seminary, the students were motivated to offer the computers to the orphanage for the benefit of the students there. A new computer lab has now been erected at DGBH. Joy exists in the hearts of both the seminarians and students at DGBH.

Corpus Christi Celebration Begins at Sagaya Matha Church

Corpus Christi Procession at Sagaya matha Church

Corpus Christi Procession at Sagaya matha ChurchCuddalore – On June 24th Sagaya Matha Church celebrated Corpus Christi beginning with Eucharistic Adoration. Rev. Fr. Lourduraj SdC spoke about the relationship that various saints had with the Holy Eucharist. A Eucharistic Procession formed at the Church and proceeded to the College Hostel run by the Guanellian Sisters; the reflection by Rev. Yesudhasan, the Rector of the diocesan Seminary, implored participants to be living and moving Eucharistic people. The next stop was St. Joseph’s Minor Seminary. The Eucharistic Lord was solemnly received by formators and students. Rev. Fr. Lourdu Samy, a senior diocesan priest, taught that the Divine Lord present in the Eucharist is continually waiting for us; we need only to approach him. The entire Cuddalore community went away with many blessings.