Students Learn to Draw

Cuddalore  – St. Joseph’s Evening school hosted a drawing class for the students from  Oct 1-5th. Mrs. Buvaneshwary was the teacher leading the lessons. Any students interested in drawing participated. She began teaching at the basic level and went to higher levels on color, stroke, and outline. Though it was a short period of time she trained the nearly 40 students as much as possible and the students cooperated well with the master. A few of the seminarians also participated in the classes. Rev. Fr. John Paul Britto, the local supervisor, appreciated all the participation.

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Children Celebrate Founder’s Feast

Teachers at DGES dive gifts

Teachers at DGES dive giftsCuddalore  – Don Guanella Evening School’s Celebration of Our Founder’s Feast was a colorful event on October 22nd for the students and their parents. Fr. Visuwasm, the Community Superior, was the special guest. The auditorium was filled with joy when the students presented a variety of dances and songs. A group of students, guided by the seminarians, reenacted the childhood memories of St. Louis Guanella. In his presidential address, Fr. Visuwasam revealed the way St. Guanella lived as a saint among the poor and those in need. He said that today Guanellians also want to do the same among today’s poor. All the students participated were given a school bag by Fr. Paul Arokia Raj, as a memento of the Founder’s Day Celebration. In closing, Fr. John Paul Britto thanked the parents for their co-operation and support in sending their children to DGES.Priests and Parents watch DGES presentations

A Month of Grace

Seminarians attend Classes

Seminarians attend ClassesBangalore – September is considered a month of grace, and so it has been for Guanella Preethi Nivas too. The novices attended classes by Fr. Soosai on the topic, “TheFr. Soosai teaches a Class Evangelical Counsels Practiced by Our Founder.” It was an opportune time for all to reflect on the life they aspire to embrace; learning that the vow is a voluntary act of religious through which they bind themselves with the spirit of generosity and self-offering. Philosophy students sat in for a day to strengthen their minds. There was also a five-day course on “Human and Moral Values” by Fr. James CSSR, a class on the life and spirituality of Bl. Clare Bosatta by Sr. Annamal DSMP for three days, a class by Fr. A.P. Samy, SdC on “Sense of Belongingness” in our Guanellian houses and Fr. David, SdC led a class on “Our Mission.” Therefore it was a grace-filled month for GPN.

Summer Enrichment Program

Filipino children have a bit of fun at summer school program

Filipino children have a bit of fun at summer school programManila – Every year, Guanella Center hosts a Summer Enrichment Program for the whole month of April with the help of the staff and a special guest from a prominent school. The children around the community were encouraged to participate in the program. The subjects being presented were English, Arts, Music and Cooking depending on the day.

The main objective of this program was to provide students a recapitulation of the Department of Education’s curriculum in English. It offered a pre-vocational course in cooking and aimed to instill a genuine love for reading in students. The exposure to foreign and Filipino literature was included to develop reading comprehension. Based on the teacher’s evaluations in the first half of the program, many made improvements; their competency and eagerness to learn developed gradually.

At the Program’s end, they realized the importance of education in developing as an individual and as a member of the community. The students are more enthusiastic about exploring the world.

-Krizza Abasolo