Teacher’s Celebrated

cuddalore - teacher day DGBH 2Cuddalore – Don Guanella Boys Home students celebrated Teacher’s Day in order to honor the seven tuition teachers and priests. Fr. Director along with regent brother organized this program and he honored all the teachers. Rev. Fr. Superior bestowed Ponnadai and gifts upon them. The boys performed a colorful cultural program and congratulated them with songs.


A Day to Honor Teachers

sivagangai - teachersSivagangai – The Yesuvanam community happily celebrated Teacher’s Day at St. Guanella Anbagam Special School on September 5th. The priests, brothers and children welcomed and congratulated the teachers with blossoming flowers. Mass was offered for the staff and teachers for whom the day was made. The intentions of this holy Mass were for the bright futures of the teachers. After Mass memorable gifts were presented to the teachers with thanks for the wonderful service to this school. The teachers appreciated the gifts and were delighted to say that this school is a participation in the ministry of St. Guanella and Christ Himself. The party ended after the teachers provided sweets and snacks to the special children.

Honor Thy Teacher

chennai - teacher day DGES 2Chennai – The Don Guanella Evening School campus was filled with joy in honoring its teachers on Teacher’s Day, September 5th. The celebration began with prayer. The teachers were invited to play party games organized by the leaders of DGES, Devi and Nazeer guided by Bro. Vijay. The teachers and children enjoyed the games. The cake was cut and the children served the teachers. The teachers each delivered their message to the children; motivating them to study well; secure high marks and honor those who teach them. The importance of teachers was also expressed by Bro. Vijay’s testimony. Then mementos were given to the teachers as a token of love for their dedication to the intellectual and moral growth of the children. With a hymn to St. Guanella the children went home with sweets and snacks.

DGES Teaches the Art of Living Well

Indian women cutting cake

Indian women cutting cakeCHENNAI – Don Guanella Evening School celebrated Teacher’s Day with joy on September 5th. Prayer opened the event followed by party games organized by the DGES leaders,Teachers in India playing games Deepa, Thasleema and Bro. Deva. Everyone had fun. After the games, the teachers happily cut the cake and the children served each teacher. Then the teachers gave their messages to the children motivating them to study, receive high marks and bring honor to those who teach them. Bro. Deva brought the important role of the teachers in their lives to the attention of the students by quoting the life of Dr. Radhakrishnan. To honor the teachers, the brothers from DGMS who assist the tuition program gave them small presents. With a hymn to St. Guanella, sweet cake and ice cream the children went home.