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On April 6, 2016, Administration and staff of St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea held a retirement party for St. Louis Center resident Julian Early. Julian had worked in the Food Service Department for the last 10 years. The St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Board of Trustees presented Julian a beautiful plaque which stated: The St. Joseph Mercy […]

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A Parade of Saints

E. Providence – An annual event for the Feast of All Saints at Sacred heart School is the Parade of Saints. The younger children each dress up as their favorite saint for the procession from the school over to Church for the Eucharistic celebration. It gives the students a chance to learn about their heavenly ancestors.

Celebrating St. Guanella

IMG_7824E. Providence – In honor of St. Louis Guanella’s Centennial Birth into Heaven, Sacred Heart Parish offered Mass on October 24th with  Bishop Tobin as the main celebrant. It was also a great occasion to honor Sr. Nancy McLennon, DSMP, on her 50th Jubilee of Consecrated Life.
To help the students of Sacred Heart School understand “giving bread and the Lord” in a real and practical way, Mass was offered for the Feast of St. Guanella and each student gave 50 cents, the cost of an item in the snack machine and later helped pack lunch bags that will be distributed at a local food pantry. They each participated with joy and learned that you are never to young to offer gifts to the needy.

Another School Year Underway

IMG_7591E. Providence – To open the new school year, Fr. Silvio gave the first graders of Sacred Heart School a blessing during the beginning of the year Mass. He also wanted them to learn about the Pope, so Fr. Silvio gave the class a book about Pope Francis prior to his visit to the US. Their teacher read parts of it to the class throughout his visit. They read that Pope Francis’ favorite part of the day is in the evening when he prays in front of the Blessed Sacrament for an hour of Adoration. They were excited to hear that because they go to Adoration in October and May! So they took Flat Francis with them to the church, stopping to take a picture with the St. Louis Guanella statue, too. The first graders participate in a year-long Flat Stanley project so they couldn’t resist introducing Flat Francis to their Flat Stanleys!

It’s Time To Internalize Fr. Guanella’s Paternal Inheritance

St. Guanella and the mountains

St. Guanella and the mountainsThe Centennial birth of our Founder, St. Louis Guanella, into heaven opens up a new horizon in the history of the Guanellian family. When a father of a family passes away, children are sad and miss their father. After a period of time, they return to the normal functions of life. At this juncture, children have to inculcate four elements: to internalize the paternal inheritance; to take up responsibility; to reconstruct unfinished works of the father and to serve the mother which, for the Servants and the Daughters, are the Congregations.
These four elements are essential in developing our Congregation and our Province.
First, to internalize the paternal inheritance means every son and daughter has to ask himself or herself- Do I really know the father? Do I understand the spirit of the father? Do I realize that I am his son or daughter who is called by God to do something specific in this world? The risk would be not understanding the spirit and inheritance of the father and not belonging to the family. Therefore, every son and daughter of Father Guanella should have a thirst to know his Spirit, Charism and Mission which are given to the Congregations.
Second, to take up responsibility means today, we, the Guanellians, have to respond to the signs of the times in line with the Church. We are no longer on the shoulder well protected by Father Louis Guanella. We are given the difficult task of discerning deeply the need of the people, and certainly the Spirit does not leave us alone on this journey, but we must ensure the poor that we will not disappoint them in their expectations.
Third, to reconstruct unfinished works left by the father means Father Louis Guanella had not done everything which he wanted. What did he want? It is in suspense yet it is outstanding. He not only left thousands of disabled children, orphans, sick and elderly persons in our homes, but also his deepest desires which are from God. Therefore, we are not called to put up our own structure but rather the project of the Founder given to the Congregation.
Fourth, to serve the mother means to serve the congregations (the Servants of Charity and the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence). Thanks to her, we were born and we received what belongs to the family. Now she needs our love and our contribution. What can we do for our mother who is the congregation? Let us serve her with commitment. During this centennial celebration, we need to display a special love to our Father Guanella and to our Mother, the Congregation and the Church.
He left, in the sight of all, the story of his call; the charism which is the gift of God; the mission in various fields; a method of prayer and relationships; some emerging trends and also a certain climate to guard the homes. We are called to relive the Charism and Mission with Saint Louis Guanella.
During the centennial celebration we, the sons and daughters of Father Guanella, are called to transmit these things into the world, especially to the countries of the USA, the Philippines, Vietnam, and India, where we work in the name of Saint Louis Guanella and also it is time for us to mark this historical event to take up more missions on new soil.
Fr. Soosai Rathinam

Patrons Attend Pasta & the Priests for Third Year

Chelsea – St. Louis Center in Chelsea, MI was the location of the third annual Pasta and the Priests Dinner on Thursday February 7, 2013. The event was an outgrowth of the Fall Dinner Auction that takes place in November every year at Chelsea Community Hospital, and patrons of the auction had placed bids for the opportunity to join our Servants of Charity priests for dinner sometime during the month of February. Nearly 50 people were in attendance to enjoy two types of penne pasta, with salads, garlic bread, desserts, and plenty of red wine. A raffle for a gift basket also raised several hundred dollars for the Center that night.

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St. Louis Center Begins Master Planning Process

IMG_0901 Chelsea – A master planning process is taking place for the campus at St. Louis Center with the assistance of architects from Kingscott Associates from both Chelsea and Kalamazoo, MI. On Tuesday February 12, 2013, Sarah Haselschwart and Dana McClellan of Kingscott, conducted stakeholder meetings with our residents, their families and staff, to obtain their feedback for the future of St. Louis Center. The central question was, “How can our facilities be remodeled to better serve the needs of today’s residents?” A cross-section of residents were selected to participate, and were asked to choose from several color palates, and wall and floor coverings to establish what their interior design preferences might be. Parents and relatives were also invited to share their dreams for St. Louis Center with Kingscott representatives, and added many practical considerations in the processIMG_0914