Orphans Celebrate Founder’s Feast

IMG_9352Saigon – Starting the 100th Anniversary of the Death of our Founder, we were filled with joy to celebrate the Feast of St. Guanella with the children of unwed mothers. Every city has its beauty and its dirtiness. The impact of the culture can be seen very well in Ho Chi Minh City. Thus it has its beauty on one side and moral laxity on the other. The local congregation does its best to encounter the consequences of this dirtiness. For the Feast of St. Guanella we went to a house run by the local sisters who care for unwed mothers and their children. Over time, most of the children become orphans because the mothers abandon the children in the house and completely disappear. We had lunch and cake with the children.  Beginning this year, each week we will go there to help them clean the house and entertain the children on Sundays. May St. Guanella pray for our mission in Vietnam.