Charity in Action

Vatluru – The rich who are financially sound with generous hearts can contribute materially to the poor but not someone who is alone and working with minimum pay. “Charity begins at home,” is an old saying with a deep meaning. Yes, charity began in her heart, she who has no one, an unknown lady without any selfish motives approached our institute willing to contribute her savings to buy clothes for all the boys. She brought all the boys to the garment shop, allowed them to choose with discretion and shared her joy with them. On October 24th, the feast of our Founder, she also offered a dinner at her expense. She expressed that she felt at home, as if she was buying clothes for her own children. The words of Jesus come to mind, “I tell you the truth,” He said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others,” Lk 21,4.Vatluru - Charity 2


Boys go to Gunadala

Vatluru – On October 9th the boys of Guanella Karunalaya went on pilgrimage to Gunadala, the Marian Shrine at Vijayawada about 60 kms away. The pilgrimage began at Sacred Heart Parish with prayer. The boys and their guides made their journey by train. Fr. Bernandas, Fr. Christuraj, Fr. Bala and Deacon Rambabu accompanied them. The pilgrimage was a grace filled one since the boys prayed the Rosary at the shrine, Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Christuraj and the boys had a Calvary journey to reach the hill top where the Blessed Mother appeared. “The little child lets himself be gently guided by his mother’s voice,” St. Guanella. The boys were overjoyed to spend time with Mary.

To Bid Farewell

Vatluru – On October 4th the community bid farewell to Fr. Peter Sebastian, former superior, who served the community for the past four years. To express gratitude and commemorate his good works the confreres, sisters, boys and seminarians gathered at Guanella Bhavan. There was a cultural program organized to felicitate him. The dances and songs expressed deep sentiments of sorrow for missing him and at the same time wishing him well for a greater mission. Fr. Sunil Francis shared his experience with him and thanked him for being a model priest to all. Fr. Peter Sebastian was very emotional and he expressed his heartfelt thanks to all for being supportive. “Though I fly to a far off nation, still my heart remains here. I will miss you all,” he said. The evening came to an end with a sumptuous meal.

Bibles for All

Vatluru – It is an amazing gift of God. A well wisher donated 300 Bibles for the people of Sacred Heart Church. They were distributed in more than 8 villages. The people are very happy to hold the whole Bible in their hands during Mass as well as read them at home. Special thanks to the donor and the Guanellians. This is the work of Evangelization.

Visit of the Sister

Vatluru – It was a great joy that the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence visited the boys of Guanella Karunalaya at the beginning of the school year. They encouraged the boys to study well. The students performed dances and displayed their talents. A meal was shared and the evening enjoyed. It was a memorable day for the boys. If you visit, you will also be filled with joy

Marriage Festivals

Vatluru – During the months of May and June people in Andhra Pradesh begin to think of weddings. They are often arranged marriages; events in the family where a lot of money is spent. Many were not getting married because they were lacking in finances. Following local customs, many ceremonies are included which all the relatives attend. A blessing with rice and yellow power turmeric is common here and gifts are exchanged. Let us pray for the unity of families and for successful married life.

Evening Schools Filled with Students

Vatluru – Sacred Heart Church has the biggest Oratory program of the area. There are currently 10 centers, 15 teachers and 350 students. This school is in session from July onwards. A meeting was held for the teachers to explain the importance of becoming a part of the Guanellian Family as a Cooperator or GLM member.  The confreres spoke about the practice of the preventive system, joyful atmosphere and preference to the least ones in the tuition centers. The Guanellian Family has provided study materials like boards, notebooks and home work notes, pens, pencils and backpacks for the students. Regular lessons were insisted upon.

Youth Meeting

Vatluru – On Sunday, July 17th there was a youth meeting in our parish conducted by Rev. Fr. Kaki Charles, youth director of our diocese. He celebrated Mass followed by the meeting with the youth and children. He motivated them to be good Catholics in society and good citizens in the nation. He made them understand the unity and strength of the youth in the Catholic Church. They are the future of the Church.

A Worker for the Harvest

Kopakka – June 27th was a great day for Ankanagudem in the West Godavari District of Sacred Heart Parish as Devarapalli Ravi Kumar, 27 year old son of Gabriel & Vijaya Kumari, was ordained a priest for the diocese of Eluru, in Nirmalagiri from His Lordship Jaya Rao Polimera. Our new priest has a younger sister and brother, yet we predict he will be an inspiration for many more young people throughout his ministry. He celebrated his first Mass on July 2nd. He is the first priest from that village making it a great celebration and edification of the faith for the people. The Servants of Charity collaborated for his first thanksgiving Mass with nearly 40 priests concelebrating. Our seminarians from Koppaka assisted as servers. After Mass there was a celebration to honor Fr. Ravi and his family. It was followed by dinner for all.
His priestly Motto is “My life should become a grace to the shepherd of the diocese as well as to the people of God.”