Spiritual Awakening – Desert Experience

Bangalore – The seven novices of the Guanella Preethi Nivas community went on a ten-day desert experience under the guidance of Fr. Gnanaraj. They went to the Servarayan Hills, at Sagayapuram in the Thiruvannamali District. It is a desolate mountain top with a substation church. They had a spiritual awakening by spending lot of time in prayer, meditation, discerning their vocation, speaking to God and journeying into one’s own self. It was an atmosphere conducive to listening to the voice of God and to be enlightened to one’s true self. After morning Eucharist and instruction all went into the forest, having no contact with anyone except God in solitude. Fr. Gnanaraj beautifully guided each novice to discern their vocation through fasting, prayer and spiritual direction. Everyone would return in the evening, share their experiences and collectively prepare dinner. They had inexplicable Tabor experiences on that mountain. On the way down the mountain, they visited the Cloister of Poor Clare nuns. Talking to those spiritual giants was awesome and enlightening for the novices at the threshold of their Religious profession.


‘Stress – Make it Easy’

Fr. Soosai joins Aspirants for reflection

Fr. Soosai joins Aspirants for reflectionMysore – ‘Preethiya Sevakaru’, the house for vocation discernment, was excited to host Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior. He brought joy to the brothers with his inspiring words during Mass and the conference.  The first academy for this year was presented on the topic, ‘Stress – Make it Easy’. Fr. Provincial was invited as the special guest. Three brothers shared their reflections based on the topic, and some brothers entertained the participants with song and dance. Fr. Soosai ended the academy with his presidential address.

Annual Retreat at St. Joe’s Seminary

Cuddalore – The Annual Retreat at St. Joseph’s Seminary was held January 13th to 16th for the Minor Seminarians. Rev. Fr. Ligory, the Rector of Don Guanella Major Seminary was invited to preach the retreat on the theme “Vocation Discernment.” Fr. Ligory was very simple in presenting his thoughts on the topic and he made the students seriously think about the vocation that they have received from God. He invited them to be truthful, sincere and committed to their call and to imbibe the spirit of our founder St. Louis Guanella.st joe annual retreat