Blistering Easter Joy and Becoming an Easter People!

le_saintes_femmes_au_tombeau-bougureauI love to reflect on the words of St. Augustine “We are Easter People and ‘ALLELUIA’ is our song.” Furthermore, the Year of Consecrated Life coincides with these words and echoes “Rejoice! Wake up the World!” Easter is a great season of hope in which we are called to recover the power as we light the Paschal Candle from the new fire dispelling all darkness and sins.
Resurrection is a mystery not to be talked about, but a mystery to be penetrated in prayer and solitude. We repeat often throughout all of Easter Week “This is the day the Lord has made; let us be glad and rejoice in it” (Ps 118,24) and while repeating these words so many times we might ask, “Is Jesus truly risen in my conviction, in my belief system?” That is why we proclaim Jesus as Risen using the present tense “He is Risen!”
Jesus brings us a message of hope, peace and joy. One of the difficult things before us today is to acquire personally and to convince people to hope in the goodness of each other. We feel happy and more optimistic when things are going according to our interests and expectations, whereas when negative experiences occur, illusion and hateful feelings break out. In our communities and approach, we want to close the doors and say, “It’s useless; nothing will change!” There is a tendency to think we are better off as individuals and this type of exclusion undermines our communion and bond of charity. Henceforth, Resurrection reminds us to celebrate the giftedness of each one and say, “from now on you have part in me.”
The imparting greeting and gift of the Risen Lord is “Peace to you!” How do we cherish this inheritance in the midst of fear, war, violence and religious persecution? May this celebration of Easter fill each of you with a hope and joy of His transforming presence as the “Regina Caeli Laetare” (Queen of Heaven rejoice) hymn unveils the grief of the world and dispels all sorts of darkness!
Fr. Soosai Rathinam


Third Provincial Chapter of the DPP

Bangalore – The Third Provincial Chapter of the Divine Providence Province was not only a time of meetings, work groups and discussions, it was a time for confreres to grow in a ‘bond of charity’ and with a sense of belonging and direction for the future of the Province. The meetings, scheduled for January 12-17th, were opened, in the evening of January 12th, by Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior, invoking the Holy Spirit and His Seven Gifts and the singing of the Veni Creator Spiritus and the second year novices of the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence (DSMP) performed a native dance. His opening address, in which he welcomed the assembly in five languages, reminded everyone of the many blessings for us in the beginning of this New Year of 2015, including the Provincial chapter itself and the Year for Consecrated Life. He welcomed Fr. Gustavo De Bonis, the chapter assembly, the DSMP’s, who hosted the event, and the 4th Year Theologians who were assisting during the chapter. After this opening of the Chapter, the officers were elected as moderators, secretaries and tellers. The real work of the chapter was ready to begin.
For the following five days, the assembly members heard and discussed the Provincial’s report, the financial reports and engaged in group work. The real focus was important day-to-day issues affecting the province and the confreres: Vocation Promotion/Formation, Community Life, Mission as well as the theme of the chapter in the aspects of the Bond of Charity, Sense of Belonging and Fraternal Correction. Through the group work, their subsequent reports and assembly discussions some concrete motions and proposals were drafted on the topics.
Another task of the assembly was to go over the draft statutes of the province and to make any necessary changes to duties or guidelines. Once this full document was reviewed and updated, the changes were adopted by the assembly. The fruit of the group work was given over to a small team to develop a draft of motions and proposals for the chapter and these were reviewed and edited by the assembly. The final day of the Chapter was a day for any final edits and voting on the motions and proposals and the assembly adopted thirty-five (35) motions and proposals that have been submitted to the General Council. During closing remarks, Fr. Soosai expressed his gratitude for all the work that had been accomplished and for the ‘renewal of prayer and the bond of charity’ and then the Provincial Superior celebrated a closing Eucharistic Liturgy.
Though a great portion of the Provincial Chapter meant a lot of hard work and thought, the confreres were also blessed with moments of beauty, song, dance, prayer and fraternal solidarity and left with the feeling that the blessings Fr. Rathinam spoke of were added to through the fruits of the celebration of this Third Divine Providence Provincial Chapter.

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