Our Lady of the Rosary

Sivagangai – The feast of Our Lady of the Rosary was commemorated at Guanella Yesuvanam October 7th. It was gratifying to entreat the blessings of Mary on our mission. The postulants created a ship for the Marian procession. In order to grasp the holiness of our Lord Jesus Christ, the mysteries of the Rosary were enacted by the Guanellian Cooperators and postulants during recitation of the prayer. A good atmosphere in which to contemplate the rosary was created through the repetition of words and the creative presentation by the Guanellians. All who participated felt deepened in their faith in the fidelity to God and Mary and Jesus with them in the joys and sorrows of their lives.


Bore Well for Anbagam

Yesuvanam – “Strike the rock and water will flow so that the people may drink”. On October 7th a project to quench the thirst of God’s most special children of Anbagam was officially inaugurated by Fr. Gnana Pragasam, recollection master of the Yesuvanam community. All the confreres were delighted to work on the bore well for the benefit of thousands of good children in the future. Water sprung on day seven of digging, symbolizing the water that flowed from the holy temple. The hard work of the community paid off despite many impediments. Through the intercession of St. Louis Guanella with the help of the Holy Spirit the well succeeded. Yesuvanam thanks those people who contributed to this success with their prayers and wishes.

Agriculture – Field of Life

Sivaganagi – Agriculture is the backbone of all human life. Without it humans would not survive. It is hard labor for everyone to go through. Many opt out, many dislike it, yet enjoy the benefit without pain and peril. However it is the basis for our daily living. The legacy of Fr. Guanella was also “PRAYER AND SUFFERING,” which forms a synthesis of hard labor and contemplation. To him “suffering” was prayer, action and work. Having this in mind, the Fathers and postulants of the Yesuvanam community, have done their hard manual labor, sacrificial work in the field and spirit of asceticism in order to experience the painful reality of human bread winning for both body and spirit. This exposure made the students taste the goodness of hardships in life and to learn that true happiness and satisfaction is always from one’s own hard work.

Our Lady of the Rosary

Sivagangai – On the feast day of our Lady of the Rosary on October 7th Fr. Stalin, SdC celebrated solemn Mass in the Yesuvanam grotto. Mass was offered for the growth of our congregation and the good health of our confreres, sisters, co-operators and workers. On the eve of this feast, brothers organized a car procession. Neighbors, well wishers and benefactors added beauty to the event through meaningful and devoted participation. The car procession included multi-lingual prayers, chanting and hymns. All over we received abundant blessings and graces from our heavenly Mother.

Triple Joyous Celebrations

Sivagangai – To commemorate the 150th jubilee of the ordination of St. Louis Guanella; the Jubilee Year of Mercy and the 9th Anniversary of the foundation of Yesuvanam, the local community arranged a joyous celebration. Fr. Soosai led the event both spiritually and culturally. Along with the local community, confreres from different Houses of India attended this historic event. Eleven young seminarians showed their willingness to enter the postulancy and to experience the Guanellian way of life by knocking on the Yesuvanam door. Fr. Soosai gladly accepted their request and opened the gates to their Guanellian experience. He advised the postulants to be faithful and fruitful disciples of our Master, Jesus Christ, and to become fires of mercy and compassion.Later, Guanellian Lay Movement members made their pledges as co-operative members in the Guanellian institute to Fr. Soosai, who warmly welcomed them. They are more easily able to live the Guanellian mission at home and in their local area. They will be responsible ministers, fulfilling the expectations of the Holy See by practicing charity, mercy and sensitivity towards the needy. An announcement was prepared and made by Fr. Paul Francis, and officially released by Fr. Soosai for the fundraising to begin for the new construction. The evening ended with an agape meal.

Special Children Celebrate Deepavalli

Sivagangai – The Yesuvanam Community and St. Guanella Anbagam Special School celebrated Deepavalli on November 11th.The whole day was filled with joy and the happiness among the children was apparent. That evening the confreres, staff and children gathered at Anbagam for the celebration, which Fr. Stalin began by saying the prayers and lighting the mathappu and crackers. The children were provided crackers according to their ability and enjoyed playing with them. To end the evening, the children were given a variety of sweets to take home.

Pilgrimage to Vallayampatti

Sivagangai – The St. Guanella Anbagam Special School Children went on pilgrimage to St. Sebastian Church on October 6th. Under the guidance of the priests, brothers and the staff, the group of 45 started their journey in the morning from Yesuvanam. They reached the Church in time for 11 am Mass. The confreres and staff prayed for the good health and the intentions of the special children. Volunteers helped in serving lunch to the special children. The children were filled with wonder at seeing the site and the other pilgrims. The visit concluded with half an hour of adoration for the special children who also prayed for special graces by holding candles.

Guanellian Lay Movement Visits Yesuvanam

Sivagangai – The Yesuvanam community welcomed the Chennai GLM on October 2nd to celebrate the Centennial of the Heavenly Birth of St. Louis Guanella. GLM members stayed in Sivagangai for a two-day pilgrimage. The first day they visited St. Xavier’s Shrine, Oriyur and other pilgrim sites. On the second day they visited St. Guanella Anbagam Special School to learn about its activities, followed by a visit to the Sacred Heart Shrine, Idaikattoor. That evening a meeting was held for GLM members from Chennai and Sivagangai. They discussed many of their activities and Chennai members gave witness about the miracle of the Founder. Many were inspired by this message, by praying and being with special Children and testimony from Sivagangai GLM.

Pilgrimage of Holy Articles Continues

sivagangai - SLG visit 1Sivagangai – The holy articles of St. Guanella arrived in the Yesuvanam community on September 21st; filling the confreres, teachers and students with joy in his presence. To begin the solemn event, a procession was led down the main road to Anbagam while participants recited the Rosary asking for the blessings of St. Guanella. The solemn Mass was presided over by Fr. Kulandaisamy with all religious community priests, sisters, GLM members, Co-operators, good children, St. Guanella Kanmanigal Evening School children and local faithful participating. Fr. Amalorpavanathan gave an amazing homily, sketching out the future vision of St. Guanella, sharing the details of his miracles and inspiring everyone to pray for the intercession of St. Louis Guanella. Fr. Kulandaisamy led a prayer service after Mass and each person had the opportunity to touch the holy articles and venerate him especially praying for their disease and illness.

A Day to Honor Teachers

sivagangai - teachersSivagangai – The Yesuvanam community happily celebrated Teacher’s Day at St. Guanella Anbagam Special School on September 5th. The priests, brothers and children welcomed and congratulated the teachers with blossoming flowers. Mass was offered for the staff and teachers for whom the day was made. The intentions of this holy Mass were for the bright futures of the teachers. After Mass memorable gifts were presented to the teachers with thanks for the wonderful service to this school. The teachers appreciated the gifts and were delighted to say that this school is a participation in the ministry of St. Guanella and Christ Himself. The party ended after the teachers provided sweets and snacks to the special children.