66th Republic Day

Yesuvanam – On January 26th India celebrated its 66th Republic day. To show our gratitude and respect to the Nation, the Republic Day was celebrated at St. Guanella Anbagam. The chief Guest was Mr. Arockiasamy, Kalaiyarkovial Chairman. In his speech he said, “so many people sacrificed their lives to establish a Republic for our country. So we must also remember and pray for those people who sacrificed their lives for us.” Then he gave sweets to the children. He was happy to celebrate Republic Day here, it was a memorable day in his life.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

St. Guanella Anbagam’s New Bus

Yesuvanam – January 24th was a special day at St. Guanella Anbagam. Each special child was very happy because through the continuous hard work of the superior a new bus was delivered. On January 26th, in front of Anbagam all the confreres, staff, benefactors and Special Children watched as the vehicle was blessed by our superior. A new journey for the children is ready to begin. New Bus New Bus 2

World Special People’s Day

WSPD Celebration (2) WSDPSivagangai – The Guanellian family of the Yesuvanam community were glad to honor the dignity of differently-abled children from the region. On December 7, a day was celebrated in view of enhancing the life of the differently-abled and also to raise awareness about them to society. Around 250 special people, many benefactors and well wishers from the Guanellian family and beyond participated in the event. Most. Rev. Dr. Soosai Manickam D.D, S.T.D, Bishop of Sivagangai, celebrated Holy Mass with Fr. Soosai Rathinam SdC, DPP Provincial Superior. After Mass, a sports meet was begun by Mr. Sarvanakumar, District Differently-abled Officer, for the differently-abled took place and the winners recognized. Later, a meal was served and there were beautiful cultural events performed by the special children. The campus was a place of grace due to the love shared with the least of the society throughout the evening. The children went home with gifts in their hands and feelings of spreading ‘Charity as the Heart of the World’; making the dream of our Founder true.

Tutelage Program

tutelageSivagangai – The Tutelage program for confreres ordained in the past five years was held November 3-4th at Yesuvanam. Fr. Visuwasam welcomed  25 priests from all the Indian communities. Two speakers were invited to enlighten the minds in order to reflect on the identity of religious life, building of community and challenges of the priesthood. Fr. Visuwasam gave a talk, “Who is a Guanellian Priest?” He insisted that honesty, hard work and humility must be the starting point of our sanctity. Mr. Durai Rai underlined the importance of project writing to sustain and locate sources of income to run the missions. He invited all the confreres to write more projects. The tutelage program concluded with a fraternal evaluation.

Canonical Visit at Yesuvanam

Sivagangai 1Sivangagi – October was very special to all Guanellians because it is the month of the Founder. It was especially so for the Yesuvanam community because the Provincial Superior visited them October 8-10th. During the three days of his canonical visit, he enlightened and enriched the entire community. The visit began with recollection and Mass. The confreres from Dindugal, Madurai and Yesuvanam gathered at Soosai Thottam, for a one day Recollection led by Fr. Soosai. He gave a talk on belongingness and fraternal living from the “Bond of Charity”. After the Recollection, the confreres met the Archbishop of Madurai, Rev. Dr. Anthony Pappusamy, they celebrated Holy Mass followed by lunch. On Oct 9th Fr. Soosai personally met each priest and seminarian at Yesuvanam. The visit was complete when the confreres met the Bishop of Sivagangai, Rev. Dr. Soosai Manikam.

40 Years Celebrated

sivagangai Birth Day (1)Yesuvanam – On July 10th at St. Guanella Anbagam, Mr. Mahalingam, a man with disabilities,  celebrated his 40th birthday. Deacon Charles and the good children prayed over the birthday celebrant. He was very happy celebrating his birthday by cutting and sharing cake with the children.

Lions Club Visit

sivagngai lions clup (1)Yesuvanam – On  July 6th at Kalaiyarkovil (Sivagangai Supreme Lions Club) the 2014-2015 Administers of the Lions Club officially took charge. The new leader of the club is Mr. John Britto and Secretary Mr. Justin. They were invited to St. Guanella Anbagam to be honored for their social works in the local area. And they appreciated our valuable service towards the special people in and around Kalaiyarkovil. Fr. Paul Raj, Director of St. Guanella Anbagam, organized the event. The Lions Club sponsored two wheel chairs for our special people.

Let’s Work Together

GLM meeting

GLM meetingSivagangai – On Sunday evening May 11th Yesuvanam was filled with 22 GLM members who are assisting the growth of our congregation. The event began with opening prayers by Fr. Paulraj, followed by Adoration. Everyone participated fully with open hearts and minds. The meeting to elect the leadership team started after Adoration. They unanimously elected Mr. Selvaraj as leader, Mr. Sahayaraj as secretary, and administrator will be Fr. Kulandaisamy. They have decided to meet bi-monthly and to help with special occasions as necessary. They also promised to spread word of our mission everywhere throughout the Sivagangai diocese. Fr. Kulandaisamy, superior of the community, Fr. Paulraj, director of Anbagam, and Fr. Franklin, administrator of the community, facilitated the gathering. After tea and cake everyone went home happily.

Let the Children Come to Me

Evening school childrenSivaganagai – On Sunday evening May 11th little roses blossomed around Yesuvanam. Don Guanella Evening School children came to celebrate ‘Annual Day’ at Yesuvanam. Hymns were sung by the teachers invoking the Holy Spirit by their melodious voices. Fr. Kulandaisamy, superior of the Yesuvanam community, presided over the event. Two generous benefactors were the chief guests. Children performed amazing cultural programs to showcase their talents. The winners were honored by the chief guests and given prizes. Fr. Kulandaisamy encouraged the children to become a good members of the society and to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, and psychologically. A final blessing was given by the superior followed by supper and an open dance.

Trust in Divine Providence

Sivagangai – Guanellians believe that Divine Providence provides for all their needs and gives them grace. To prove this and deepen trust in providence two vehicles were received from the providence for the Yesuvanam community; by saving money a tractor was purchased for agriculture purposes, and an Omni was sponsored by the State Bank of India. Fr. Jegan, who is in Italy, donated a camera. Everything was blessed by our provincial superior; he started the vehicles and everyone went for a drive. An image of Our Lady of Workers was placed at the entrance, blessed and inaugurated by our provincial superior, who provided “Laddu” for all. It was truly a day that the Lord had made. Our Lady of Divine Providence loves us unconditionally. She proved it that day. Thank you Providence for the abundant gifts.Sivagangai trust 2Sivagangai trust 1Sivagangai trust 3