26-28 June 2013- Summary of DPP Council Meeting

Fr. Dennis Weber, SdC

The Divine Providence Province (DPP) Council met, via Skype, on June 26th & 28th. We were happy also to have Fr. Gustavo, General Secretary and geographical link from the General council to DPP, for a portion of the meeting on June 28th and we welcomed Fr. Joe, Provincial Treasurer, on both days for parts of the meeting. This is a summary of the meeting:

June 26th

  • Opening Prayer- Fr. Rathinam opened the meeting with prayer and asked that we pray for Fr. Thanasekar, the victims of the recent tsunami in India and for the drought in parts of India.
  • Fr. Rathinam’s report- He spoke of his visits to the communities in India for the installation of the new superiors and for the beginning of the pastoral year. He was present in Bangalore for the renewal of vows, the first profession of the novices, and the reception of the new novices. He spoke of Cardinal Gracias’ visit to Cuddalore on the day of renewal of vows of the confreres who were perpetually professed and his meeting with the bishop of Dindigul. Also, he said that Fr. Visu visited with the Archbishop of Madurai.
  • Updates for each nation were given by the council members speaking of the individual communities in their nation as well as any situations that needed to be addressed during the meeting.
  • Specific situations regarding individual confreres were addressed.
  • Fr. Joe joined the meeting to talk about the financial administration. The council and Fr. Joe spoke of the budget that was to be received from Rome and matters concerning the Pious Union of St. Joseph.
  • The meeting ended due to technical difficulties with Skype.

June 28th

  • Fr. Rathinam opened with prayer and also spoke of the meeting with deacons in Chennai.
  • Matters concerning financial administration were resumed during which we spoke of the distribution of the subsidies to the communities as well as the distribution of construction dollars for the purchase of land in Vietnam. Various other financial matters were discussed.
  • Fr. Rathinam spoke of the formators’ course that will be offered in Rome from September 1st to the 19th and the confreres recommended by the General Council for the course.
  • Fr. Joe recommended and the council approved that Fr. Dennis compose a summary of each council meeting for the DPP News and Views.

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