First Religious Profession

renewal of vowsBangalore – On the Feast of The Visitation of The Blessed Virgin Mary,  May 31st, the Guanellian family rejoiced as four Novices promised to serve the kingdom of God as Servants of Charity.  Fr. Adaikalam, the Novice Master, presented the Novices and Fr. Soosai Rathinam, the Provincial Superior, received them with love and joy. The Guanellian family from many communities, priests, sisters, brothers, parents, GLM, friends and benefactors were present. Fr. Soosai celebrated Holy Mass and received their profession. In addition, 13 lay cooperators renewed their promise and two new cooperators took their first promise to live the values of Christ by following the footsteps our Founder, St. Louis Guanella. They have been working for the welfare of Don Guanella Aged Home and Oratory Children for the past few years


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