Canonical Visit and Institute

Superior visits Seminarians

Superior visits SeminariansCuddalore – The grace of St. Louis Guanella filled St. Joseph’s seminary on February 15–16th. On behalf of the community, Fr. Visuwasam welcomed the Superior General and the Secretary General with garlands; Fr. Alfonso as Abba Father, Fr. Gustavo as Mother Mary and Fr. Soosai as Jesus, the blessing of the Holy Trinity. Everyone processed to the chapel for adoration. Later, the Superior General had a personal chat with each confrere of the community. That evening all the seminarians gathered for a conference. The Superior General and the Secretary General taught the seminarians about the congregation and the expectations of our founder.
On Sunday, Holy Mass was celebrated by the superiors at Sahaya Matha church. The parishioners honored them as our founder, gave them Ponnadai and performed a cultural program. In the evening local confreres held a council meeting with the superiors. Afterwards, the seminarians and students of Don Guanella Boys home, gathered for Agape; also performing a cultural program. Fr. Crippa, Fr. Gustavo and Fr. Rinaldo enjoyed the celebrations and congratulated the community.


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