Summer Enrichment Program

Untitled-1Manila – Summer Enrichment Program(SEP) is part of the Servants of Charity and Guanella Center’s summer program for children through the educational assistance program. The objective of this SEP is to help the children review their lessons from school especially in subjects that they need to improve on or are having difficulty with like Math and English.  Over the two week period they made great improvements in their vocabulary skills, spelling, and reading comprehension as well as in mathematics. They have also gained new friends and strengthened their rapport with their peers and teachers. The program began on April 9th with around 80 students at different levels and ages. The program ended on April 29th with a simple and meaningful ceremony. Some students performed songs and dances to entertain the guests and they all received a certificate and an award. The children enjoyed a simple snack after the presentations. It was truly a blessing to be part of the program helping to impart knowledge to children from poor families.  I hope and pray that I would be again part of the team on the next Summer Enrichment Program.Manila SEP 2


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