When God Speaks through You

Manila – God has a unique way of calling us. Each of us has our own vocation story. Each has his own unique way of allowing events to unfold. But one thing is certain…it is His voice. The most tender voice that fascinates us to say “Yes” no matter what. And, God sometimes uses people to echo His call. The moment that we immortalize in our vocation story is called, “When-God-speaks-through-you.”
I’ve been with the Servants of Charity for about two years and four months now as a seminarian. Two years which have been spent ministering and promoting vocations. I can say that this ministry is very suitable for me, as I am interested in communicating and relating to others. Through this ministry, I somehow actualize my dream of becoming a preacher, which was my motivation for entering the seminary to begin with. So grateful am I to God for placing me in this mission to promote vocations, amplifying His voice for others seeking religious life.God speaks Manila
I remember St. Louis Guanella working hand-in-hand with the congregation of sisters he founded, the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence, for a specific mission to lend a helping hand to the poor, lowly and the needy of his time. The same needs exist today, while the bond between the Servants of Charity and the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence continues to grow. They work side by side upholding the voice of God for the primary charism of the Guanellian congregations and to participate in fulfilling the mission of the Church.
The sun has yet to shine, but everyone is already prepped, both Servants and Daughters, for the vocation campaign in specific parishes on Sundays. We have spent the entire morning promoting the congregations, encouraging youth and responding to basic questions. But above all, we proclaimed! We proclaimed the glorious providence and unconditional love and mercy of God to His special and good children.
However, it isn’t easy promoting vocations. First, we must overcome our own weaknesses; being nervous when standing before a crowd, making mistakes, or confidently amplifying to people the voice of God. Also, occasionally facing different types of people; and finding ways to relate to them. Nevertheless, at the end of the day we feel much contentment in this ministry. And being a vocations promoter, we need much prayer, perseverance, patience, and active participation from colleagues to arrive at our goals.
Personally this ministry has been very important to my development. It takes us to different places, from cathedrals to shrines, parishes and chapels. It sends us different people from various cultures. Given that, we learn lessons that have been very instrumental in shaping and forming us. All the more, we develop our God given talents. We also learn to appreciate, accept and love each person despite our differences. We learn to build friendships and communion among diverse people. It has been a privilege for us to hear and witness the stories of faith, hope and love of different people from different walks of life. It has also provided an opportunity for us to realize our potential for becoming good Christians and good priests and nuns for the Church in the near future. It feels like a school, and our experiences are our teachers.
This ministry is a gift from God that has been entrusted to us. It’s a gift to be nurtured. It’s a gift to be shared with others responsibly and generously. It is our joy to be one with this mission. It is our joy to proclaim God’s most tender voice, and to amplify His voice to everybody. It is our joy to become God’s instrument.

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