A Budding Friendship

Koppaka - postulant 2Koppakka  – Raju Ashok is one among the new candidates from Andhra Pradesh discerning his vocation to religious life with the Servants of Charity. From the time he entered Guanella Bhavan he befriended Mr. Krupava Rao, an older adult from the neighborhood who comes over daily for food and other assistance. Adults and children would find it very difficult to deal with him because he is hard of hearing. But Raju has been of great help to him and developed a good rapport with him within a few weeks. They sit together at table for lunch and Raju assists him while eating, then he parcels his supper and walks him to the main road while chatting. Raju is the only child of his farming parents and is known for sociability and jovial nature.

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