Inauguration Day at Evening School

Cuddalore – The evening school children are always happy and enthusiastic. Even though they come from poor and marginalized families of society, they express their desire to study hard and do well in life. On July 8th the Guanellian family priests, seminarians, residents of the Boys’ Home, evening school children and their families, gathered to inaugurate Don Guanella Evening School. The theme of the day was: “Be happy always.” The children welcomed everyone with their beautiful smiles and entertained them with a cultural program. Fr. Visuwasam, superior of the community, encouraged children to be more active and to make use of the opportunities given. Fr. Assisi, Rector of the Minor Seminary, gave gifts to our children. Rev. Fr. Maria Paulraj, in charge of the evening school, narrated a story to convey the message that “life is a precious gift that each one of us has received from God. It depends on the individual maximize it.” Everyone enjoyed refreshments before heading home.Cuddalore_Evening School  1 Cuddalore_Evening School  5 Cuddalore_Evening School  4 Cuddalore_Evening School  3 Cuddalore_Evening School  2


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